Behind the Scenes

When we talk about our work with our Cambodian friends, the question always arises, “When are you going back?”  In this case, the answer is August 1.  I’ll be going for a short trip.  During the first week there I’ll be working with the Asian Hope VDP coordinators and faculty, and during the second week I’ll head up to Salaa Hope in Battambang, where I’ll be following up with staff year-end reflections and goal-setting, as well as giving the commencement address, as I mentioned in the previous post.


However, when folks ask about our next trips, there always seems to be an underlying assumption that we “don’t do anything” except for when we’re actually in Cambodia. The truth of the matter, though, is that there is continual contact between us and our partners, either in preparation for future work, or following up with ongoing initiatives, both in education and development (photography).  They have pretty good internet access over there (though basically no snail mail at all).  The photos above show a three-way session between Battambang, Nashville, and Anchorage, on facebook messenger.

We often get this sense of “out of sight, out of mind” concerning our Cambodian mission.  But whether we’re here in Alaska or in Phnom Penh or Battambang, the work continues – our part in it just changes somewhat.  Pray for staffing in the Asian Hope schools.  Pray for the students of the VDP schools and their families.  Pray for resources for the teachers at Salaa Hope.  And pray for us, that God guide us to know our part in His work.