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Asian Hope traces its beginnings to a small orphanage opened in June 1998 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The first 2 years were quite a struggle as the orphanage survived with support from various groups. In the spring of 2000, Asian Hope was officially established and took ownership of the orphanage and a small preschool named KC International School.

Asian Hope believes that the most effective way of transforming Cambodia is through enabling future generations to lead their country, and to be the catalysts of change. Asian Hope no longer runs an orphanage, but instead has become an innovative leader in Christian education.  Through Logos International School, Asian Hope School, and the Village Development Catch-up Schools, they provide quality Christian education to all strata  of society.  These children will then be able to influence their country in the name Christ, and to help transform Cambodia in a culturally relevant way.

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