Short Trip / Full Trip


Sitting in the airport in Seoul, South Korea, on the way home after a short but blessed trip.  The first week was spent in Phnom Penh, mostly working with the Asian Hope VDP coordinators and staff.  The odd picture of me was part of an engagement activity – I was emphasizing key words in the text in English, and asking the translator, VDP Manager Chenda, to listen and then emphasize the same words in her K’mai translation.  She did fantastic!  And everyone laughed.


The second week was spent in Battambang with the administration and faculty of Salaa Hope, with director Kelly Robinette.  It was graduation week, so instead of a new training, all the meetings followed the theme of reflection, emphasizing a deepening understanding. I love to see how the staff continues to grow.  I was honored to give the commencement address, but one of the most encouraging aspects of the occasion was the alumni gathering the evening before.  It was so heartening to see the graduates from the first two classes come back to share with the new grads.


The odd thing about the trip was that Kirsten was not with me – aside from holding down the fort, which at this time means watching the grand kids a lot, she is also finishing up an intense summer session in her masters project.  She finishes in December.  I am very grateful for Facetime.

Please pray for Salaa Hope – especially for financial support (gotta get those teacher salaries up).  Pray for Asian Hope, that they be effective in reaching these kiddos who would other wise fall through the cracks.  And pray for the new relationship between Salaa Hope and Asian Hope that was kicked off this trip.  An ongoing relationship between the two missions can be mutually beneficial to both in fulfilling God’s will.  And finally pray for Kirsten and I, as we seek the Lord’s guidance in the new year.  More on that later.