Six weeks in and we figured we better share some highlights before so much time goes by that we forget - every day seems to have so much in it.  In all honesty sharing some of the "lowlights" might make for a more humorous and interesting story.  From getting drivers licenses, to learning all about the used car market, to navigating the city on the new "uber rickshaw" system, and having to explain to the exterminator (who didn't speak much English) that we do not need his services, even though he did all he could to convince me that he wouldn't technically be killing the termites, only making it so that they didn't want to eat anymore.  They would eventually die because they chose not to eat - "Not for you to feel bad for harming them," he assured me.  Yes, there have been some adventurous and funny moments that would certainly make for an interesting story.  We'll save those tales for another day though and instead share the things that have touched our hearts the most.

Pattaya's wedding.  We've known Pattaya since she was in high school and it was such a blessing to be able to attend her wedding ceremony.  She and her husband both work for an NGO that ministers to children living on the streets.  This is something that Pattaya told me she wanted to do the very first time we met her.  

We have also been able to reconnect with Sharon (pronounced Saroon).  She is finishing up her nursing program and needed some pictures to help with her fundraising.  She lives in a province that is about four hours away, but just happened to be in the city for a short internship at one of the local hospitals and staying with her sister, who just happens to live very near us.  Between both Pattaya and Sharon it is such a blessing to see this generation stepping into roles of service and making an impact on their country for good.

Another highlight was the Logos Jog-a-thon.  We've actually participated in a couple of Logos community events (and Michael is there everyday of course, working with teachers and students) but the Jog-a-thon was particularly heartwarming as the Logos students held the event as a fundraiser for the village schools, who were trying to raise money for their soccer program.  The students raised over $3600 which will go a long way toward making the soccer program available to village kids.  Students from the village school sites also ran at the event.  It was cool to see the tennis-shoed feet running side-by-side with the flip-flopped and bare feet.  

Interesting how the days are full with tasks of all variety but when it comes down to it, the things that touch us the most are the relationships, and all these little tasks are merely opportunities for building those relationships and sharing the love of God, which works both in and through us.  Many thanks for joining us in the journey - high and low lights alike.