I'll be heading to Cambodia in a week and a-half now, for a short time of preparation and introduction - November 7-17.  Water Festival begins on Thursday the 2nd, and all the schools will close, as many K'mai return to their home provinces for the celebration.  Although the festival itself is only three days long, school will remain closed through Independence Day on November 9.  With the students gone, it is the perfect time for staff development!  So, each year at this time a team of educators from Biola University, in California, come to Phnom Penh and present to the staff of all three branches of Asian Hope:  Logos International School, Asian Hope School, and the Village Development Project "catch-up schools."

Being there for the Biola training will allow me to follow up with the staff throughout the year.  I don't officially begin my duties until the beginning of second semester (January 2), but this will give me the opportunity to meet the staff and for the staff to meet me.

One of the biggest jobs lined out for me on this trip, by Kirsten no less, was to find a place to live, so that when we arrive in January we'll be able to hit the ground running.  Well, as of yesterday that job was taken care of.  A missionary family, the Chongs, whose two children attend Logos, is moving back to the US so that the husband can attend seminary.  The Logos high school principal connected us.  Turns out they will be leaving in December, and have offered to let us rent their beautiful, furnished house for the next three years as we serve in Cambodia.

We recognize this clearly as a blessing from our loving Father, who does supply all our needs, and places the members in the body according to His fantastic will. The Chongs have expressed to us what a blessing it has been these past five years to be able to have their children attend Logos while on mission in Cambodia.  And now God has blessed us through them, even as we begin now to step in for our own part in that mission.  

As time draws near, we find ourselves about half-way to our fundraising goal.  We thank the Lord for all those He sends to join with us, even as He sends us to join with those already at work.