Samphas back at home

Samphas back at home

I wanted to pass along an update on Samphas. After much research into finding a facility able to do the surgery in Cambodia, the Asian Hope team felt led to Hebron Medical Center.  It’s a Christian NGO that partners with teams of Korean surgeons that visit the country regularly.

She had surgery on Tuesday (11/1).  It went well.  They weren’t able to get all the tumor, but were able to give relief around the eye (looking at the pre-surgery photo, you can see how the skin was pulled away from the eye, leaving a gap).  We never expected them to be able to get it all, and we expect other surgeries to be needed in the future. She went home after two days, but the Asian Hope team will continue to help with all follow-up care.

Samphas’ family are all buddhists.  So as we pray for recovery for Samphas, we also pray that the example of love so evident in Chanrith, Sila and Chris will bear the fruit God intends.

Kirsten and I are making our plans to return to Cambodia for a short trip in January.  As always, we will be going north to work with the Salaa Hope faculty and administration in Battambang, and will be continuing our work with the VDP coordinators in Phnom Penh.  As Kirsten follows-up with her photo accounts of the various families attending at the catch-up school sites, we will have the opportunity to visit with Samphas in Kork Rorka. We pray that we will hear God’s voice and follow His lead as we return on this upcoming visit.